Extra Questions on Food Variety

Extra Questions on Food Variety

Question 1.
Define the term food.
Eatables taken by human beings and animals which provide them energy for various activities, for growth and good health, are called food.

Question 2.
What do you mean by food habit?
The habit of an individual owing to which it takes a particular type of food depending on its taste and availability is called food habit.

Question 3.
Define the term ingredients.
The materials that are needed to prepare a particular type of dish are called ingredients.

Question 4.
Explain the importance of food for living organisms.
Food is needed by all living organisms for the following reasons:

  • It provides us energy to do various activities.
  • It helps in growth.
  • It helps in repair and replacement of damaged parts of the body.
  • It protects us from infections and diseases.

Question 5.
Whether plants or animals give us more varieties of food? Explain.
We know that animals give us meat, eggs, milk, honey and few other varieties of food only. On the other hand, plants provide us a large varieties of food. For example, cereals, pulses, fruits, oil, fats, vegetables, sugar and a large number of other products. Thus, we can conclude that plants give us more varieties of food.

Question 6.
Why should we eat cooked food?
Cooked food is easily digested by our body. It also kills harmful germs. Cooking increases the taste of the food. That is why we should prefer cooked food.

Question 7.
Write the food habits of the people in Tamil Nadu and Punjab.
Tamil Nadu: Idli, Dosa, Sambhar, Banana Chips, Coconut oil, etc.
Punjab: Lassi, Paratha, Pulses, Chapatis, etc.

Activity 1.
Ask your friends in the school about the items they would be eating during a day. See if you can also get this information from friends staying in different states of India.
List all the items in your notebook as given in Table 1.1, for as many friends as possible.

Name of the student/friendFood item eaten in a day
T.S. Sree Kumar (Kerala)Idli, dosa, curd, rice, sambar, etc.
Sarthak Sharma (Uttar Pradesh)Vegetable, dal, chapati, curd, rice, etc.
Sanchit Bose (W. Bengal)Fish curry, rice, vegetable, etc.
Sohan Singh (Punjab)Makki roti, rajma, sarson saag, curd, ghee, etc.
P. Prasada Rao (Andhra Pradesh)Rice, tuar dal, rasam, kunduru, ghee, pickle, etc.

Activity 2.
Choose some of the items you listed in Table 1.1 and try to find out what ingredients are used to prepare these, by discussing with your friends and elders at home. List them in Table 1.2. Some examples are given here. Add some more items to this list.

Food itemIngredients
Roti/chapatiAtta, water
DalPulses, water, salt, oil/ghee, spices
IdliRice, urad dal, salt, water
Fish curryFish, spices, oil/ghee, salt, water

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