Extra Questions on Food Materials and Sources

Extra Questions on Food Materials and Sources

Question 1.
Name the animals which provide us milk.
Some important animals that give us milk are cow, buffalo, goat and camel.

Question 2.
Name the animals which give us meat.
Some important meat giving animals are goat, sheep and pig.

Question 3.
Name some other animals that give us food.
Besides milk and meat, animals give us useful food products. For example:

  • Birds like chicken, fowl and ducks give us eggs and meat.
  • Fish provides us meat.
  • Bees provide us honey.

Question 4.
What are the two main sources of food?
The two main sources of food are:

  1. Plants: We get fruits, vegetables, pulses, etc., from plants.
  2. Animals: We get milk, eggs, meat, etc., from animals.

Question 5.
Name two sugar producing plants.
The two sugar producing plants are:

  1. Sugarcane.
  2. Sugar beet.

Activity 3.
Let us take the food items listed earlier and try to find out where they come from— the ingredients and their sources. Some examples are shown in Table 1.3. Fill in the blanks in Table 1.3 and add more examples to this list.

Table 1.3: Ingredients used to prepare food items and their sources
Food Where Does It Come From Class 6 Extra Questions Science Chapter 1 Q5

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