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eSchool is an initiative of Success Router. eSchool offers guidance and study materials for students of CBSE & ICSE Board. We are offering study materials for all major subjects from class 6 to class 12. The study materials are designed strictly as per the latest CBSE & ICSE syllabus and exam patterns. We are helping our students to get better grades in exams.

We offer free tests for school exams and various competitive exams through our online test and assessment platform successrouter.com

Check your grasp after every topic you cover.

Success Router helps analyze one's knowledge through the following ways:
- Evaluates individual student's performance through online tests.
- Provides a detailed report of a student's performance.
- Highlights the areas where a student needs to progress.

Success Router not only provides you with the question but also gives you the detailed solutions.  

At Success Router, we cover a wide variety of exams for exam preparation. 

We wish to be accessible to everyone preparing for competitive exams, hence through our website, we are helping students to prepare actively for various exams & score better.

Best wishes,
eSchool (An initiative of Success Router)

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