Extra Questions on What do Animals Eat?

What do Animals Eat?

Question 1.
Explain the terms:

  1. Herbivores,
  2. Carnivores and
  3. Omnivores.

1. Herbivores: Animals which eat only the plants or the plant products like fruits, flowers, seeds, nectar, etc., are called herbivores. For example, deer, cow, rat, etc.

2. Carnivores: Animals which eat other animals are called carnivores. For example, tiger, lion, etc.

3. Omnivores: Animals which eat both plants and their products as well as other animals are called omnivores. For example, human beings, cat, crow, etc.

Question 2.
What do you know about vegetarian and non-vegetarian habits?
Man is omnivorous, i.e., he can feed on both plants and animals. But due to some religious or traditional reasons some people strictly avoid the food containing meat, fish, egg, etc., while some have no hesitation to have such food stuffs. On this basis, there are two types of food habits found in our society:

  • Vegetarian – people who do not eat meat, fish, egg, etc.
  • Non-vegetarian – people who eat meat, fish, egg, etc.

Question 3.
Define Scavengers, Parasites with examples.
Scavengers: Some carnivores and omnivores eat dead animals. They help in cleaning our surroundings. For example: crow, jackel, hyena, etc.

Parasites: These are some very small animals which live on or inside other animals and get their food from them. For example: fleas, leeches, mosquitoes, bed-bugs, etc.

Question 4.
What are known as ‘energy rich food’?
Cereals are known as ‘energy rich food’. For example: rice, wheat, jowar, maize, etc.

Question 5.
One day you were busy from morning to evening. You couldn’t have your lunch. How did you feel? Elaborate your experience.
One day because of heavy load of work during the day, I could not have my lunch and at the end of the day, I felt very tired, and exhausted. I was too weak to do work. The hunger was in alarming condition.

Question 6.
Suppose one of your friends had only one chapati, some rice and one bowl of pulses for his daily meal. Do you think that by eating such meal he can work and play whole day?
No, his diet is not complete. This food is not enough to provide sufficient energy required by him. He will not be able to work and play for the whole day because he will soon get tired due to lack of energy.

Activity 6.
Several animals are listed in Table 1.5. For some of them, the type of food they eat is also given. Fill in the blanks in the table.
Table 1.5: Animal and their Food

Name of the animalFood the animal eats
BuffaloGrass, oilcake, hay, grains
CatSmall animals, birds, milk
RatGrains, bread
LionFlesh of animals
TigerFlesh of animals
SpiderSmall insects
House lizardSmall insects
CowGrass, leaves, hay, mustard, cake
Human beingsRice, pulses, chapati, idli, dosa, bread, eggs
CrowSmall insects, grains, meat
Others (Dog)Meat, biscuit, bread

Activity 7.
Have a look again at Table 1.5 and group the animals entered here as follows. Place animals which eat only plants or plant products.

  • Buffalo, cow and butterfly.

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