Extra Questions on Spinning cotton yarn

Question 1.
What is spinning?
The process of making yam from fibres is called spinning.

Question 2.
Name two simple devices used for spinning.

  1. Takli
  2. Charkha

Question 3.
Name the person who made the charkha popular during independence movement.
Mahatma Gandhi

Question 4.
Where were the cotton and flax plants cultivated in ancient Egypt?
Cotton and flax plants were cultivated near the river Nile in ancient Egypt.

Question 5.
How are natural fibres better than synthetic fibres?
The natural fibres absorb sweat, give cooling effect and comfort in all seasons.

Activity 4.
Hold some cotton wool in one hand. Pinch some cotton between the thumb and forefinger of the other hand. Now, gently start pulling out the cotton, while continuously twisting the fibres (See Fig. 3.2 on page 31). Are you able to make a yam?

Yes, the cotton fibres are drawn out and twisted into long thread like strands. These strands are spun with the help of spinning machines to yam.

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