Extra Questions on History of clothing material

Question 1.
What were the wearings of the people of stone age?
During the stone age, people wore bark, big leaves of trees or animal skins to keep themselves warm. ‘

Question 2.
Why primitive life was confined to the tropics? When was it possible for the people to migrate to colder regions?
Primitive men and women had no idea about clothes, and were at the mercy of their environment. Primitive life was confined mostly to the tropics where the climate was warm and no clothing was needed. Only after the invention of fire, it became possible for people to migrate to colder regions.

Question 3.
What are the three stages in history of the development of clothing material? t
In terms of raw materials, cloth making was developed in three stages. The first stage was cloth from plant fibres, such as flax, cotton, nettles and inner bark of the trees. The second stage began with the use of animal fibres especially wool and silk. Silk came to various parts of the world from China. The third stage in the history of clothing began in the late 19th century with the development of man-made or synthetic fibres like rayon, nylon and polyester. Now man-made fibres combined with other animal with or without plant fibres are used for making clothes for improved strength, wearing ability and other qualities.

Question 4.
When stitching was not known, how did people use fabrics available with them?
When stitching was not known, people simply draped the fabrics around different parts of their body. Many different ways of draping fabrics were used.

Question 5.
Name the clothes which are used as an unstitched piece of fabric even now.
Saree, dhoti, lungi or turban are the clothes which are used as an unstitched piece of fabric even now.

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