Extra Questions on Deficiency diseases

Question 1.

What is malnutrition? What are its harmful effects? 
Malnutrition is the physical state of a person resulting either from an imbalanced diet or from physical inability to absorb nutrients properly due to some diseases.
The harmful effects of malnutrition are:

  • Deficiency of any of the nutrients in our diet causes diseases.
  • Deficiency of protein causes kwashiorkor disease.
  • Deficiency of carbohydrate and protein causes marasmus.

Question 2.
What is the effect of protein deficiency on the health of children?
If a child does not get enough protein in his food for long time, he is likely to suffer from protein deficiency. Children suffering from protein deficiency have light brown hair, face like that of an old man, always hungry, and distended stomach. They are under¬weight and skinny with very little flesh on bones. This disease is called Kwashiorkor.

Question 3.
What is marasmus? What are its symptoms?
Marasmus is caused by the deficiency of proteins and carbohydrates in children.
Symptom: The child becomes so thin that loose folds of skin can be seen all over the body.

Question 4.
Write the sources and deficiency diseases of the vitamins ‘A’, ‘B’ complex, C, D, E and K.

VitaminsSourcesDeficiency diseases
1. Vitamin AMilk, butter, yellow fruits and vegetables, egg yolk, liver oil of fish.Xerophthalmia, Night blindness, anaemia
2. Vitamin B complexMilk, egg, green vegetables, cheese, meat, germinating seeds, yeast and unpolished rice.Beriberi
3. Vitamin CCitrus fruits, green and red peppers.Scurvy
4. Vitamin DMilk, egg, fish, liver oil, sunlight.Rickets
5. Vitamin EVegetable seeds, eggs, sweet potatoes, oil, meat, sprouted grains.Sterility
6. Vitamin KEgg yolk, liver, cheese, tomato, cabbage, soybean, cauliflower.Improper coagulation of blood

Question 5.
What is anaemia? What are the symptoms of anaemia?
The deficiency of iron in the diet leads to a disease called anaemia.
Symptoms: looks pale, gets tired easily, loses weight and nails turn white.

Question 6.
Why is it advised to take iodised salt?
Iodised salt contains iodine. Iodine deficiency results in the enlargement of thyroid gland, retarded growth and mental disability. Iodized salts help us to overcome iodine deficiency.

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